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Milliken-Fine-Detail Tomorrow's Contract Floors

The latest carpet tile collection from Milliken, Fine Detail subtly incorporates gold, rose-gold, silver and copper metallic yarns to bring a sprinkling of opulence to any interior.

Fine Detail is formed of two designs: Metallic Joinery and Stitchwork offered in a 25 x 100cm plank format. There are 10 colour options within the collection including Spun Gold, Burnished Copper and Silver Twist. Inspiration comes from artistic embroidery and glittering jewels, but contrasted with functional stitching to give a decorative yet handcrafted feel.

The neutral greys, blues and browns that make up the background colours are brought to life with flourishes of lustrous and shimmering metallic accents. Fine Detail fuses the luxurious and precious appeal of the metallic yarn component with a commercial and useable combination of pattern and colour to give a highly specifiable collection that can work within any interior.

The Fine Detail carpet plank collection was designed by one of Milliken’s in-house designers Kerry Cottam. As part of the collection’s creation Kerry produced a range of developmental artwork playing with the shimmering effects of metallic paint and exploring the outline patterns of jewellery. The resulting experimental and audacious lines could be replicated on the carpet surface thanks to Milliken’s state-of-the-art tufting technology.

Fine Detail is made using ECONYL 100% regenerated yarn reducing resource consumption and waste. The cushion backing not only offers underfoot comfort but also improves acoustics. The carpet planks’ backing is made from 90% recycled content cushion backing. To further reduce its environmental impact, Fine Detail can be supplied with TractionBack for adhesive free installation, improving indoor air quality and reducing materials usage. Fine Detail is produced in an ISO14001 certified facility in Wigan, UK using ethically sourced and wherever possible, locally produced, materials. The collection is certified CRI Green Label Plus and is EPD verified. Fine Detail contributes to WELL points and with regenerated content fibre and TractionBack is eligible for LEED points. Responsible end-of-life re-use is assured with the option to return used Fine Detail carpet through Milliken’s Re-Vision closed loop recycling programme.