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Interface LVT - The Versatile Choice

Interface Level Set LVT Benefits for Flooring Contractors

Donald Sutcliffe, Site Services Manager at Interface discusses the benefits that LVT provides to fitters and their customers.

When it comes to flooring products, today’s commercial customers look for high-quality solutions which are going to stand the test of time but also create an appealing workplace. At Interface, we want to give installers the options they need to meet the demands of their customers. Our luxury vinyl tile (LVT) offers contractors the perfect solution when supporting their clients in achieving their visions.

Fit and forget
Interface’s LVT is the only product of its kind which comes with a 15-year guarantee. The high level of trust we place in our range is due to the rigorous testing process the material goes through in the factory before it’s launched, as well as the innovative technology inside it.

The multi-layered product is built to withstand sustained pressure and retain its structural integrity over significant periods of time, making it ideal for areas with extra footfall. A key element of the product’s dependability comes from its tough but transparent wear layer and the Ceramor surface finish, which actively protects the appearance of the LVT and minimises the effects of scuffs, stains and dirt.  

Easier to handle, quicker to fit
The product’s durability has no impact on the installation process – in fact our LVT is designed with short project turnaround times in mind. Beneath the surface finish is a fibreglass sheet in-between two further core layers. The fibreglass provides flexibility, stability and strength whereas the core layers make sure the product is dimensionally stable, thick and heavy, helping it stay in place during installation.

Being extremely versatile, our LVT can be seamlessly integrated with our carpet tile products so installers can achieve the desired design for their customers with minimum disruption. The installation process is also made simple by the fact that our LVT doesn’t require transition strips between different flooring types, helping cut down on any additional time and wasted product.

As well as being easy to install, Interface LVT comes with a high-quality acoustic backing which we’ve proven to be able to reduce impact sound levels by up to 16 dB when compared to traditional vinyl flooring. In a world where customers are increasingly prioritising workplace well-being, we’re recognising this as a sought-after benefit that installers can offer.

Be prepared
Despite its technical advantages, even the most reliable and high-quality products will fail if the proper measurers aren’t followed during the installation process. For those who are using our LVT, it is crucial that the subfloor is prepared correctly before the product is installed. Contractors should ensure it is firm, smooth, dry, cleared of all debris, and free from adhesive residues to create the proper environment. Special care and attention also needs to be paid to raised access panels to guarantee consistency.

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