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Perfectly Poised to Create Balance for the Body and Mind

Milliken Poise carpet tile collection

Milliken’s latest collection Poise has been created with wellbeing as its core tenet; from both a physical and mental point of view. The carpet tile collection is designed by Milliken’s in-house designer, Manisha Selhi who has used Milliken’s proprietary Millitron patterning technology to combine pattern and colour with complex and fascinating textures to create different and unexpected effects that work together to create a collection that offers a sense of serenity, tranquillity and peace. There are 12 colours in the collection, all are muted neutral hues, selected to create a calm and soothing environment. The carpet tiles are made in a 50 x 50cm format with a luxurious cushion backing.

The wellbeing characteristics that make Poise stand out include the tiles’ acoustic and ergonomic benefits as well as their aesthetic qualities. The principles of biophilic design are applied by using colours and shapes found in the natural world to bring a sense of the outside in. Milliken’s unique Millitron patterning technology makes possible the subtle and intricate design which pays homage to and emulates nature.
Poise is designed to coordinate with other Milliken collections enabling different areas to be defined and accentuated for wayfinding, zoning or to create artistic effects.

Poise’s Comfort Plus cushion backing (unique to Milliken) greatly improves sound absorption and therefore acoustics and has significant ergonomic benefits with a 24% reduction in muscle strain and underfoot compared to hardback carpet. They absorb 50% more noise than hardback carpet, which in turn absorbs three times as much noise as hard surface flooring. High noise levels have been shown to increase stress levels, which in turn can have a big impact on workers’ overall health and wellness.

Poise carpet tiles are made with 40% Econyl recycled nylon and their cushion backing has 90% recycled content. Poise carpet tiles have 63% recycled content by total product weight including up to 5% post-consumer content. Manufactured in an ISO14001 certified location using renewable sources GuT & CRI Green Label Plus certified for indoor air quality EPD verified BRE certified. They come with a 15-year wear guarantee, Lifetime Antistatic guarantee and Latent Defects guarantee. To further reduce their environmental impact, Poise can be supplied with TractionBack for adhesive free installation, improving indoor air quality and reducing materials’ usage.


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