Atkinson Kirby New Website

Timber flooring specialist, Atkinson & Kirby has launched its new website to enhance the overall user experience for visitors.

Users can now enjoy enhanced navigation and functionality, making the experience much more accessible. The new visually appealing, and easy to use website also provides mobile device users with an updated viewing experience that works perfectly with all web browsers.

The site showcases Atkinson & Kirby’s full range of trend-led flooring ranges, including Homeland, Winter Desert, Organic Future and Modern Revival, complete with detailed product information.

The updated case study section on the website also provides users with the option to view previous examples of Atkinson & Kirby’s work, which includes a number of high profile domestic and commercial projects, with 360-degree videos, allowing users to see the full scope of the projects.

Visitors can also keep up to date with company news, including information on the flooring industry in general, via the additional news section.

The renewed advice section also provides users with a range of installation and maintenance instructions to aid customers with the installation of Atkinson & Kirby’s products.

Users also have the option to request flooring samples, giving customers the opportunity to see different flooring styles before purchasing.