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Stroolmount Protect and Care

With new packaging, new point-of-sale display stands and a new look website coming soon – it’s all happening at floorcare solutions specialist Stroolmount.co.uk.

Gill Finch from Stroolmount explains the new direction: “Our specialist products are moving under the brand Protect and Care. Its heart logo symbolises our passionate commitment to providing proven products to keep flooring and furniture looking its best. It also maximises our clients’ opportunity for own branding.”

Shades of grey
The new neutral tone packaging complements any showroom colour scheme. Alternatively, there is the opportunity to create own-brand packaging with the company colours, name, logo, website and photograph alongside the Protect and Care logo.

It’s possible to have each own-brand packet filled with any Stroolmount product – Self-Adhesive Felt, Teflon Glides, Quickclick Glides, Castor Cups, Pipe Covers, Door Stops or Floor Repair Kits.

The back of each packet shows the product, size, quantity, what it’s for and how to use it.

“It’s so easy,” says Gill, “you only pay for 1,000 pieces of your own-brand packaging upfront. Then from that 1,000, you just order any product at any time – as little or as much as you need.”

Display it your way
Pop the packets onto either the existing cardboard display stands or onto two new stylish, robust versions. The new Wooden Counter Top Rotary Stand has four quarters and eight display hooks. The new Acrylic Wall has six display hooks.

Stand by your brand
These new counter top and wall stands also feature the Protect and Care branding. Or Stroolmount can create a bespoke display by adding your company colours, name, logo and even your website.

Take a look at Stroolmount.co.uk’s full Protect and Care range and gain some extra add-on sales for your furniture and flooring.