Sherwin-Williams Provides a Safe Flooring Solution for Busy School

A new flooring finish was required for the atrium in the Radclyffe School in Oldham, Greater Manchester, which hundreds of children use or pass through each day. Because the atrium floods this area of the school with so much light through a Perspex roof, it meant that whatever was chosen had to be UV stable, hardwearing and safe.

With hundreds of children crossing the floor each day, priorities were for an improved decorative finish which was safe, suitable for steps and compatible with existing large expansion joints as there had been a lot of movement in this building. The system also had to be economic, hardwearing, easily cleaned, have low odour during application and chemical resistance, slip resistance and non-dusting.

Sherwin-Williams’ technical flooring experts looked at their diverse range of options for this specific application covering 800m². The system chosen was a multi-coat resin screed incorporating a decorative multi-coloured Resuflake finish, ensuring strong UV stability because of the amount of natural light coming into the area.

The finished surface complements adjacent flagstone areas in the school atrium, and provides a continuous flooring system which is safe, easily cleaned and hard-wearing for the long-term. Because the system was applied to a concrete substrate, it also became a part of the building rather than an add-on and meets all original requirements.