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The Preparation Group Mechanical Subfloor Preparaion

The Preparation Group explains how mechanical subfloor preparation can help contractors to achieve a perfect finish every time. 

We all know the old adage, fail to prepare – prepare to fail. This is particularly true when preparing the substate for flooring installations. Poor sub floor preparation can be very costly in the long run when trying to rectify a failed floor.

As manufacturers of mechanical subfloor preparation equipment our focus is on the various types of mechanical subfloor preparation that can be used. Mechanical subfloor preparation tends to be the element that is overlooked in preference for chemical solutions to try and reduce costs. It is imperative that we understand that the two things are not in competition with each other but need to be used in conjunction with each other. Floors need both to be successful whilst adhering to best practice, giving customers confidence against prevention of floor failure.

The Preparation Group continues to work closely with many material manufacturers and we have forged some good relationships which have helped to raise industry standards over the years. Through training and technical advice, we have seen many technical and sales representatives increase their knowledge and understanding of mechanical subfloor preparation and how it works with chemical preparation and the importance of both aspects with respect to their products. Many materials manufacture full warranties clearly state that the subfloor must be mechanically abraded before chemical preparation is laid.             

PPC, the contracting division of The Preparation Group, prepare and profile substrates in readiness for chemical subfloor preparation such as DPM’s and self-levelling compounds. We do that through various methods.

Laitance removal is one of our main subfloor preparations, achieved on the whole through diamond grinding. Adhesive removal can also be achieved easily with the right machine and appropriate tooling. It gives that all important profile or key for chemical applications ensuring a good bond. However, there are various other ways to achieve this.

Planing is used to create various profiles through the use of different flails. This process produces good results where old applications such as self-levellers or waterproof decking need to be removed, or if an area requires levelling. Preparing and profiling substrates provides the key to a good finish. 

Multi-stripping can remove many types of floorcoverings such as carpet and vinyl, but also easily lifts tiles and rubber deposits and levelling compounds.

Shot blasting is ideal for removing concrete laitance plus coatings and contaminants on concrete, asphalt and stone surfaces. Shot blasting also prepares steel to Swedish standards if required to take an epoxy resin finish.

The removal of Epoxy resin can be achieved using various machines. The removal will expose a subfloor which will require some form of sub floor preparation. There are various other machines and processes used to mechanically prepare subfloors.

The Preparation Group with PPC have mechanically prepared millions of square metres of subfloors. Every day brings something different, obstacles to overcome and subfloors which leave a lot to be desired which present challenges of their own.

If you require any technical assistance regarding mechanical subfloor preparation, we can provide the right solution.

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