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Tarkett Reaffirms Commitment to Healthy Workplaces

Tarkett DESSO AirMaster Gold

Tarkett has launched DESSO AirMaster Gold – a 100% recyclable carpet tile collection which reduces the concentration of fine dust in the indoor air.

The Airmaster Gold collection has been awarded Cradle to Cradle Gold certification - a globally recognised measure of safer, more sustainable products for the circular economy - with Cradle to Cradle Platinum level for material health.

Promoting good air quality

Part of the renowned AirMaster range, the Desso AirMaster Gold collection captures and retains fine dust, reducing the atmospheric level of particulate matter in the process. Tests show it is eight times more effective at reducing fine dust than smooth flooring solutions, and four times more effective than a standard carpet. 

The collection has also been awarded the Gold Plus label by GUI, Germany’s leading independent air quality testing organisation, thanks to its suitability for allergy sufferers, very low level of VOCs and high dust-binding ability. 

Harmony in design 

The DESSO AirMaster Gold collection features three complementary designs: AirMaster Nazca Gold, AirMaster Salina Gold and AirMaster Tierra Gold. All three collections have been designed to work seamlessly together.

DESSO AirMaster Nazca Gold offers a textural, woven aesthetic that’s understated yet unmistakable. A single stripe of colour allows designers to introduce graphical impact to an otherwise pared-back palette of four shades.

DESSO AirMaster Salina Gold is available in a subtle palette of four colours and with an organic two-tone appearance. Its neutral effect provides a soothing addition to contemporary workplace interiors – both large and small.


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