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Show a Little Treespect - New Laminate Ranges from IVC Commercial

new laminate floor ranges from IVC Commercial

Dhara, Nesta, Fikka and Tuffa are the brand-new laminate floor ranges from IVC Commercial. With true-to-nature wood designs and a sustainable recovered wood construction, these flooring solutions are made for the demands of housing and commercial interior projects.

Featuring emboss in register texture that follows the wood grain pattern and with an extra matt finish for lifelike wood effects, the IVC Commercial laminate flooring collection brings the beauty of wood with the performance of floors made for commercial use. Highly scratch and wear resistant, long-lasting and using 100% recovered wood, it embraces nature in more ways than one.

Literally translated from Scandinavian, Dhara means earth and this floor brings that essence of beginning to modern, project-ready laminate flooring. Available in a range of original wood designs which provide a restful basis for a range of great looking spaces, Dhara is an all-round solution for housing projects that need a floor for private accommodation areas which is durable and accessible. 

Nesta – Scandinavian for pure – translates the essence of nature in honest form, an elegant floor finish that reimagines the calming influence of wood in a performance construction. Nesta’s classic designs can be enjoyed in a wide variety of housing project types. Nesta’s versatile performance is down to its multi-layer construction that ensures it withstands daily use, all while capturing nature’s spirit for a calming and resting atmosphere.  

Fika is how the Scandinavians appreciate the good things in life, and this laminate floor is no exception. Fika brings the beauty of elegant wood finishes to projects. With Canopy, a hydrophobic technology that keeps water and dirt at bay and fights off scratches and wear, Fika is wonderfully simple to look after – the perfect solution for a range of environments. In everywhere from housing to offices, retail stores, hotels, bars and restaurants, Fika’s scratch and wear resistance delivers a performance boost.

Tuffa is the Scandinavian phrase for a ‘resilient state of mind’ and there’s no doubt that this floor lives up to its name. Made for the world’s most intense locations, every water-resistant Tuffa floor is equipped with a finish that meets the most demanding wear standard in the world. Despite its tough and resilient nature, Tuffa is undeniably beautiful.

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