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Magic Meets Science

Milliken Change Agent

Milliken’s latest LVT and carpet plank collection Change Agent provides endless possibilities to create a unique nature-inspired floor scape.

Change Agent has been designed by Milliken’s UK design team as a coordinated carpet plank and LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) collection. It is made up of two carpet designs: Compound Magic and Pure Alchemy (with 24 colours in each design) and Earth Science (an authentic stone LVT design offered in 10 colours). The LVT colour palette provided the basis for the carpet colour spectrum. 

The combined LVT and carpet plank collection and the extensive colour options are perfect for mixing and matching to create a unique and dynamic floor plane that can respond to the requirements of each interior in which it is used and the people in it. Both the LVT and carpet are supplied in an innovative 100 x 25cm plank format which invites creative placement for inspiring patterns or wayfinding. 

The artistic inspiration for the collection is metamorphosis - both scientific and magical; the transcendent act of bringing new purpose to natural materials. From alchemy and chemistry the imagery reflects the way base metals can be transformed into precious metals - anodizing, melting, crystalizing; always transforming. Compound Magic and Pure Alchemy are influenced by the process of metal encountering a catalyst and being driven to radically change.

The LVT collection Earth Science has the appearance of petrified wood that now resembles stone. The organic pattern of the carpet planks is multi-directional creating pools of changeable colour and tone. The natural colour blending creates a hazy spectrum of hue change and dynamic movement across the floor plane. 

The biophilic colour palette has been created with wellbeing in mind. Natural earthy neutrals and greens to bring the outside in. Inspiration for the colours and the forms comes from the magic of nature and in particular the changes observable over time resulting in colour combinations that have an element of experimental magic. Greens and silvery metallic greys as well as warm pinks and earthy browns. The nuanced patterning and subtle colour range are made possible by using Milliken’s unique patented Millitron printing technology. 

Milliken’s LVT has additional wellbeing attributes for improved acoustic performance with a compact cushion layer to reduce impact sound with its FlexForm Sound construction. This innovative layer can reduce impact sound by up to 13dB. The ‘Earth Science’ collection is Loose Lay LVT, created for easy, adhesive-free installation and maintenance and is particularly beneficial where regular access to underfloor facilities is needed, such as within commercial environments.


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