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Tarkett Launches Ultra-realistic iD Inspiration

Tarkett introduces the new ultra-realistic modular vinyl collection, iD Inspiration

Reimagined for a rapidly changing world, iD Inspiration harnesses the power of nature to create feel-good interiors. Tarkett’s unique high-definition digital printing technology captures the beauty of wood and stone, revealing the most subtle details in grain, texture and colour.

Elaborately designed to make the flooring creation process easy, iD Inspiration comprises 100 decors and seven formats to allow agile transformations of space. Combining the design finesse of high-definition printing with an ultra-matt effect and exceptional resistance and durability provided by Tarkett’s breakthrough PU technology TEKTANIUM, with iD Inspiration you can have it all.

Human-Conscious Design

iD Inspiration exemplifies Tarkett Human-Conscious Design. Developing a circular economy, innovating with good materials and exceeding indoor air quality standards are essential elements of the company’s pledge to stand with present and future generations.

Inspired by nature, iD Inspiration has been designed to improve wellbeing by deepening the connection between the outdoors and the interior spaces where people work, learn and care. Designed and made in Europe, iD Inspiration is phthalate-free and printed with water-based inks and achieves enhanced environmental and indoor air quality standards. As well as this, iD Inspiration delivers ultra-low VOC emissions for optimal indoor air quality. The collection has also been designed with the circular economy in mind: glue down tiles contain up to 40.7% recycled content and all iD Inspiration installation offcuts can be recycled via Tarkett’s ReStart recycling and take-back programme. Clickable tiles can also be recycled post-consumer through ReStart. 

Design finesse and ultra-realism

iD Inspiration stands for design finesse and precision. The curated collection of colours and themes offers designers a natural palette of unrivalled breadth, from contemporary to classic and from soft to striking. Three design families - Naturals, Authentics and Classics - employ digital printing, embossing in register and rotogravure respectively to produce an ultra- realistic modular vinyl flooring.

Every design in the Naturals collection is scanned directly from a meticulously selected specimen of wood or stone to share the wonder of natural imperfections and nuances before being digitally printed - an unprecedented milestone in the design of modular vinyl.

While traditional tiling is typically limited by the use of repeating patterns (3m² for traditional rotogravure printing), iD Inspiration Naturals boast ultra-realism through no-repeat designs up to 12m², which is the equivalent of 50 unique planks (20x120cm). Every plank is unique in texture and grain, enabling highly realistic and stunning renderings.

Ultra matt effect, high performance and ease of installation 

The collection features Tarkett’s unique TEKTANIUM PU coating, which combines exceptional resistance and an ultra-matt finish. This finish is consistently visible from all angles, ensuring that the tiles and planks appear highly realistic and less reflective of light. The TEKTANIUM protection shield also delivers unmatched resistance to scratches, abrasions, wear and stains for excellent durability. 

iD Inspiration is available for moderate, heavy and very intensive commercial use for maximum durability. Demonstrating the technical precision and high performance of all Tarkett products, it is ideally suited to hospitality, education, residential, retail and workplace interiors. The collection is quick and easy to install, available in glue-down or a click system on selected designs, making it an ideal choice for agile new build projects and flexible refurbishments.

The reinforced rigidity of iD Inspiration Click 30 & 55 moves from resilient to semi-rigid characteristics. The rigidification grants extra stability to products and offers the option to place them directly over existing flooring and ceramic tiles using tight joints. 

iD Inspiration installation by 5•5 studio at the Atelier Tarkett in Paris

iD Inspiration installation by 5•5 studio at the Atelier Tarkett in Paris

From March 2021, the French Studio 5•5 will be unveiling a new installation at the Atelier Tarkett in Paris showcasing its creative vision of iD Inspiration.

For Studio 5•5, the new collection is more than just a new palette, as by reaching new heights in ultra-realism, it offers a lifelike alternative to raw materials. iD Inspiration creates infinite possibilities: a marquetry of marble and breccia, terrazzo and oxidized metal and gradients of wood, offering a plethora of choices and combinations that bring nature and the outdoors into interiors.

The installation celebrates nature, showcasing different landscapes, each of them illustrating one of the materials that inspired the iD Inspiration collection. The realness of nature and the ultra-realistic iD Inspiration are now merging together to reveal each other’s beauty. Imagine a hotel with wooden vinyl tinged with green to match a custom-made terrazzo, a cave-like concept store, a forest in a university and so much more.

The iD Inspiration installation by Studio 5•5 will be displayed for several months at the Atelier Tarkett in Paris, a place where architects and designers are always welcome.

Thorsten Beinke, Decor Director, Tarkett EMEA, said: “The upgrade of iD Inspiration is an exciting moment for us. This revamped collection not only offers designers and architects a rich creative resource of exceptional quality, it also ensures that the interior spaces they create will be healthier and kinder to the planet.

“It is this dual ambition of ours, to combine beauty with a profound concept of wellbeing, that drives us to constantly reimagine our collections, always seeking to improve and looking to the future.”

Check out Tarkett’s virtual showroom tour here.


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