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Go With the Flow for Perfectly Prepared Subfloors

Tilemaster Adhesives Subfloor Preparation Products for Resilient Floorcoverings

Tilemaster Adhesives’ Professional Flooring Products range consists of a variety of products designed to make it easy for flooring contractors to prepare subfloors and fit resilient floorcoverings. 

Where subfloor moisture levels are too high, Tilemaster FAST One Coat DPM can be applied – as its name implies, this epoxy damp proof membrane only needs one coat and cures in four to five hours, providing protection from damp cementitious screeds with moisture levels of up to 98% relative humidity.

For smoothing and levelling, there are single-component and double-component flooring compounds for all types of substrate, flooring material and time frame. Tilemaster Pro Flow is a rapid setting, high performance, double component smoothing and levelling compound. It has excellent flow and adhesion properties making it suitable for a wide range of both domestic and commercial applications on most substrates. It is also ideal for use with both electrical and water-based underfloor heating systems. It can be applied from depths of 2mm-12mm in one application and is ready to receive resilient floorcoverings after four hours. The compound is also moisture-tolerant and can be used to pre-smooth floors before installing an epoxy based DPM, such as Tilemaster FAST One Coat DPM. Tilemaster Trade Flow is another double-component smoothing compound that offers excellent flow and levelling properties and can receive resilient floorcoverings after 12 hours.

Tilemaster FineFlow 3000 is a water-based, single component smoothing compound that can be applied from feather-edge to 20mm in a single application; it can receive floorcoverings such as vinyl, safety flooring and other impervious floor finishes after 24 hours. It can also be left uncovered and used as a wearing surface.

Other single component smoothing compounds include Tilemaster LevelFlex and AnhyLevel. LevelFlex, a fibre-reinforced self-levelling and smoothing compound, which can be poured from 2mm-50mm in one application. It is able to receive resilient floor finishes after 24 hours. AnhyLevel is a calcium sulphate based self-levelling and smoothing compound that is 100% compatible with calcium sulphate (anhydrite/hemihydrate/gypsum based) screeds and can be applied in thicknesses of up to 20mm in one application.

Where time is limited, the range also includes ultra-rapid setting products, such as Tilemaster Rapid Level 30 - a single component smoothing and levelling product - and Tilemaster Super Flow 30, the double component version. Both products can be applied from 2mm-15mm and can accept light foot traffic after 30 minutes. They can have floorcoverings, such as LVT and other resilient materials, installed after just 90 minutes. 

More information and technical advice on Tilemaster Adhesives’ comprehensive range of flooring products, including leveling and smoothing compounds, DPM, primers, adhesives and sealants, is available on the website or by contacting the dedicated flooring sales team. All products are manufactured and stocked in Leyland, Lancashire.

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