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Stikk ‘Em Up!

Woodstikk flooring adhesive applicator by Ureka Global

A unique flooring adhesive applicator has just been re-launched and is set to, once again, revolutionise the way flooring contractors operate.

Branded Woodstikk, the tool has been developed specifically for specialist flooring companies and contractors who install engineered and solid wood flooring.

Developed by Bristol-based Ureka Global Ltd, the battery-powered upright applicator can be used for fixing both solid and engineered wood flooring, saving users huge amounts of time whilst dramatically reducing the amount of waste produced.

Manufactured in the UK, the Woodstikk Floor Dispensing Gun features an innovative spreader head allowing a clean and precise application across the width of the floor planks.

Alex Nunn, Managing Director at Ureka Global said flooring companies can save as much as 30% of operator time and increase coverage by as much as 25% using the distinctively styled applicator.

He said: “The new Woodstikk Floor Gun is a fantastic development for flooring contractors. As well as saving time and money, the Woodstikk Gun’s ergonomic design has major benefits from a health and safety perspective. The upright design means that the operator no longer has to kneel down on the floor to apply adhesive, and the battery powered operation means operators will not be constantly tripping over cables or air lines.

“By using the Woodstikk Floor Gun, contractors can save as much as 20 minutes in every hour which means more time for more work, or play; their choice. Increasing coverage by a quarter means more profit for the contractor. On top of this, there will be no more spilt adhesive to clean up. One of our clients commented that his fitters come back from jobs cleaner now.

“With health and safety so important these days we were determined to take the principal occupational hazards out of flooring and are confident we have succeeded.”

Key to the gun’s appeal is the unique disposable nozzle. This means no clean down is required, saving further operator time.

Featuring a range of head sizes including 180 (standard), 300 and 400mm, the spreading nozzle can easily be masked to the width of the board being laid. Running on a rechargeable 18V lithium-ion battery which can be charged in 60 minutes, the gun can dispense as much as 100 square metres of adhesive before needing a recharge.

The adhesive supplied in the sachet is a solvent and water free adhesive based on hybrid polymer technology; for simplicity, it’s called Woodstikk 19. It has a proven track record and is specifically designed for fixing all types of wooden floors directly onto all common substrates, eliminating the need for battens. Woodstikk 19 will bond wood directly to all common subfloors including concrete, wood, metal, ceramic tiled, vinyl, marble, granite and most natural stone floors.

Flooring contractors using the Woodstikk Floor gun have also dramatically reduced the amount of waste they produce while saving money at the same time.

Each sachet holds 4.5kg (or 3ltr) of Woodstikk 19 hybrid polymer adhesive and once used, all the fitter has to do is quickly and easily remove the squashed sachet and insert a new, full one.

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