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Working Magic on Mosaics

LTP Works Magic on Mosaics

LTP and Green Man Cleaning bring an original stone mosaic floor back to life as part of a restoration project at a historic local landmark. 

It’s always a privilege to be involved in a renovation project, especially in a historical setting. A recent LTP project with cleaning specialist, Green Man Cleaning, provided just that; an opportunity to protect and enhance a magnificent mosaic floor in Frome Town Hall, in Somerset.

A building for the community, Frome Town Hall was constructed in 1892 in an Italian Renaissance style, using local stone quarried in the Butts along with Box Ground and Bath stone. Today, it retains many of its original features, including the mosaic floor which spans over 80m2 throughout the entrance lobby.

The deep clean

Following an initial survey, Green Man Cleaning commenced works and removed a build-up of organic residue from the intricate tile surfaces and matrix of low-lying grout lines. The floor was swept with a scissor mop and then cleaned with a Numatic rotary machine. This process lifted and emulsified residue, which was then extracted and removed with a Numatic wet vac machine. Green Man Cleaning used pressurised pump sprayers and jets, before recovering water with the wet vac. This essential stage ensured removal of residue from the lower grout level which can harbour dirt and grime; if sticky deposits remain, they can attract dirt and create rapid re-soiling. The floor was then left to dry overnight.

Sealing the mosaic floor

To enhance and protect the floor, Green Man Cleaning used LTP’s ECOPROTEC Colour Enhancing Stone Sealer. A water-based, impregnating treatment, the sealer enhances the natural finish, strongly repels water, oil and grease, and helps protect tiles against staining. Importantly, being a non-film forming impregnator, it also allows the surface to breathe. 

This is particularly important in a historic setting, as very often a dampproof course isn’t in place. Moisture from the subfloor is allowed to pass through to the surface, rather than being trapped below, which can cause a variety of moisture-related issues. 

ECOPROTEC Colour Enhancing Stone Sealer is suitable for all types of natural and engineered stone. On textured surfaces, it is applied with either a roller or paint brush. The surface is then left to dry for an hour, after which any visible residue is removed. Immediately after application, tiles look glossy. Once dry, they return to their natural aesthetic, with an enhanced colour tone but no enhanced reflectively.

Jon Gardner, director at Green Man Cleaning, commented: “It was a privilege to be able to bring life and warmth back to this fabulous floor. Our methods and ECOPROTEC’s sealer restored the mosaics to their best potential condition and provided essential protection. Achieving this with an environmentally-friendly, non-toxic treatment protected the health and safety of our team, of the people that work and visit the town hall and the building’s fabric itself.”

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