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A Sustainable Alternative

LION Floor sustainable alternative to flooring-grade plywood

Made in Finland by Finnish Fibreboard with a construction that eliminates the core gaps and overlaps of plywood, there’s no doubting that LION Floor is a high-quality and reliable alternative to BS 8203 plywood that’s just as easy to install and more sustainable. 

Finnish Fibreboard manufactures LION Floor from wood by-products, making it one of the most environmentally-friendly boards produced. The wood by-product used is also sourced locally and from legally managed, sustainable forests. Most of the energy required by the mill is also produced with biofuel and modern evaporation technology is used to treat production wastewater, reducing the footprint of production. Combined with no added formaldehyde, LION Floor comes with M1 and PEFC certification and can be easily and safely reused or recycled.

The raw material for LION Floor comes almost completely from PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified forests, so its origin and journey can be traced all the way from forest to finished product. The manufacturing process is based on a Finnish tradition spanning more than 80 years, which has been honed to perfection over the decades to meet the requirements of modern construction.

Peter Jones, Finnish Fibreboard, said: “If you’re looking for a sustainable BS 8203 compliant solution when installing vinyl flooring then LION Floor really is the only solution. With locally sourced by-products as our material and low impact manufacturing, we make every effort to ensure that we do our best to preserve our environment. Ask yourself, is it possible to say that in confidence for the sheets of BS 8203 compliant plywood that you buy?”

LION Floor is not just a sustainable alternative, it is also just as easy to install. Pre-conditioned, so no wetting needed before installation, it’s just as easy to install as plywood. In fact, as it can be cut cleanly and quickly with a knife or saw, it’s arguably even easier to achieve a high-quality flooring installation with LION Floor at your side. Fixed with screws or ring shank nails and suitable for screeds and feather compounds, there’s no longer a reason to choose BS 8203 compliant plywood. 

The easy to install LION Floor is available by to find your nearest stockist.

Watch the LION Floor video on YouTube here.

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