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Bring the Beach Vibe to Your Store

BerryAlloc's Ocean+ Beach House In-store Display

As a showcase of modern in-store display concepts, BerryAlloc’s Ocean+ Beach House is arguably one of the industry’s best examples. The in-store concept has been created to reflect the brand’s Ocean+ campaign that tells a story of the bo-ho chic beach wedding. Translating the laminate collection’s hydro+ water-resistant technology into a clear proposition, it’s a clever approach that really sets the brand apart 

Scott Arundell, Regional Sales Director, comments: “The Ocean+ Beach House has been made to communicate the collection’s water-resistant technology, life-like wood designs and premium quality in a way that feels fresh and exciting. It’s a deliberate departure from the more traditional display approaches seen in the industry that captures the uplifting feel of summer, delivers a strong message, makes the collection stand out and becomes a real talking point in store.”

Centred around three toaster racks that display the collection’s 30 decors, as well as an additional module that shows the two plank sizes and thickness, the Ocean+ Beach House is an impressive pagoda-style lit structure that comes with a range of additional features. From a surfboard carrying the collection’s main USP’s, to a comfy lounge chair, vases with dried flowers and plants; everything is included to create a laidback summer vibe all year round.

“We’re really excited to present the Beach House concept as it’s unrivalled in the market,” continues Scott. “In-store concepts have become increasingly popular as they provide a neatly packaged solution, but they are not without their problems. Often tasked with displaying many different collections all with unique selling propositions, they ultimately become more about the brand than the product shoppers are actually buying. 

“BerryAlloc’s Beach House display is a twist on the in-store concept that focuses less on the fundamentals of brand and solely on what benefits the collection brings to the end-consumer.”

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